Advanced Solutions That Are Available Right Now

Would any of these unique, forward-looking solutions make sense for your company? Just ask about patent licensing or purchase from Flex Technologies, and claim these competitive advantages as your own.

Ziplock Replacement

Works better and costs less

Consumers often find Ziplock-style packaging closures hard to use. And packages or liners that are improperly or incompletely re-sealed naturally defeat the purpose. That’s why Flex Technologies has developed a Velcro®-like pressure-sensitive reclosure system that not only works better – it also costs less per unit. Here’s to fresher food and happier customers.

Air-Infused Paperboard

Strong, light and earth-friendly

‘Foam paper’ is just as strong as traditional paperboard, but since the fibers are mixed with air, packages require 20 to 50% less material. You’ll not only save on paper costs, but lighter packaging weight means you’ll save on postage. And since you’ll also be saving lots of trees, it’s a smart, earth-friendly option.

Liner-less Labels

Making the impossible possible

Pressure sensitive labels without backing or liners? Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive, but Flex Technologies is in the business of making the impossible possible. Eliminating the backing material of course reduces material and manufacturing costs. Curious? Ask us how it works.