How We Help Companies, from Planning to Production

We help internal R&D teams to move high-performing, patent-protected products from concept to consumer faster. Companies depend on us to make sure that they’re within spec for functionality, performance, manufacturability, and cost. Together, let’s work to save the environment, make life easier for consumers, and keep food products fresh.

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Technology Scouting
We start by determining the most appropriate and cost-effective technologies and materials. If alternatives are needed for technical, cost or scheduling reasons, we swiftly determine the simplest solutions and smartest sources for refining the concept and fitting the requirements.
Rapid Prototyping
Based on the chosen approach, we provide a working demonstration model as a proof of concept. With the appearance and feel of a final commercial product, this is often used to get feedback from designers, engineers and even consumers for further refinement.
Product Development
Turning the prototype into a mass-produced consumer item starts with defining final product, material and manufacturing specifications. Then suppliers are identified and assembled into an ongoing supply chain that meets cost, schedule, quality and production targets.
Problem Solving
In trying to fulfill and blend such a wide array of considerations, product or production issues are often inevitable. We respond to problems by redefining them in a way that expands the range of possibilities. Sometimes the solution springs from a totally different discipline.
Intellectual Property Protection
Working with outside partners before ideas are fully developed typically carries risks. That’s why our patent attorneys and technical experts are so rigorous in protecting your IP, and securing strongly inclusive and defensible patents on your behalf.