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We help brand owners bring new ideas to market with innovative materials and technologies.

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Learn what’s now possible in materials science and roll-to-roll manufacturing.

Explore New Options for Flexible Products and Packaging.

Satisfying all the requirements for your brand’s latest product idea – cost, performance, IP, manufacturing, supply chain, and more – can be a complex task. Flex R&D’s global network of scientists and manufacturing experts can help you determine what works best, then how to efficiently scale and commercialize it.

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Flex R&D helps improve usability, sustainability, shelf life and shelf impact.

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We enjoy a challenge. As a complement to your internal team, we can also explore alternative approaches for improved cost-reduction, quality, manufacturability, and time-to-market. Would new nano materials offer a smarter solution? Can we eliminate a layer of packaging? What if the food container was biodegradable?

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Product Development For Fortune 500 Companies And Mid-Market Brands

We know the best materials and manufacturing sources for each specialty, though we’re happy to work with your current suppliers. If the needed technology is still emerging, we’ll help you plan for the future.
We help you meet target unit costs, and also detail the initial costs of scaling up the technology. Then we help you scale-up and launch your product on time.
We take intellectual property issues seriously, and have broad experience in helping companies like yours secure the strongest possible patents on their new products.
You’ll have the confidence of knowing that everything developed by Flex R&D is exclusive to you.

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Discover cutting-edge innovations that are available for your brand right now (you may be surprised they even exist).

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