How It Works

You’ll find that working with Flex R&D professionals is a flexible, efficient and collaborative process. By introducing new possibilities, we also help to enhance the capabilities of the in-house personnel we work with.

Defining The Project
After learning about your product and challenges, we develop a clear and concise Problem Statement. Next, we create a custom proposal to address the work to be done, with defined milestones and specified deliverables at each scheduled stage.
Staying In Control
Projects are managed in three to nine month intervals, based on those milestones and deliverables. Regular calls and meetings ensure that you’re informed about key issues and accomplishments, and remain in charge of key decisions.
Straight Talk
We’ll always be transparent about what’s possible, and what it will take to meet your requirements, budget and timeline. As an extension of your team, we take your trust seriously. Our clients consider us responsive, nimble, focused, and genuinely helpful in all kinds of ways.